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At present, there are two main methods for rust prevention treatment of steel water tanks by manufacturers:
One is galvanizing treatment. After the water tank is completed, it is sent to the galvanizing plant for electroplating. This method has high cost and time-consuming.
二是企業自行做防腐處理,酸洗除銹→浸泡磷化液中→水箱內倒入防銹漆后再倒出→烘干。這種處理因不是廠家的規范操作,質量就難以得到保證。關鍵是目前大多數專用車企業沒有酸洗、磷化工裝,基本上未對鋼制水箱做防腐處理。鋼鐵生銹的反應機理為鐵分子與空氣中的氧氣、水發生氧化反應,所以只要有空氣和水的存在,鋼制水箱生銹就在所難免。好在為了保證標準壓力下水箱的強度,所用鋼板至少有 厚度,因此水箱在使用壽命內不容易因銹蝕而漏水,即使壞了,維修或更換也較方便,且價格低廉。
Second, the enterprise shall carry out anti-corrosion treatment by itself, pickling and derusting → soaking in phosphating solution → pouring antirust paint into the water tank and then pouring it out → drying. Because this treatment is not the standard operation of professional manufacturers, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed. The key is that at present, most special vehicle enterprises do not have pickling and phosphorus chemical equipment, and basically do not do anti-corrosion treatment for steel water tanks. The reaction mechanism of steel rust is the oxidation reaction between iron molecules and oxygen and water in the air. Therefore, as long as there is air and water, the rust of steel water tank is inevitable. Fortunately, in order to ensure the strength of the water tank under standard pressure, the steel plate used is at least thick, so the water tank is not easy to leak due to corrosion within its service life. Even if it is broken, it is convenient to repair or replace, and the price is low.
How to solve the corrosion problem of steel water tank of automatic feeding mixer truck and what are the advantages and disadvantages of water tanks of different materials?
承壓水箱為目前攪拌車生產廠家主要采用的水箱。此類水箱因承受一定壓力大多采用鋼制,一般筒體采用3~4mm 的 Q235鋼板卷制,封頭采用 4~5mm的Q235 鋼板或4mm的Q235鋼板制成。其內部容易生銹,需做涂層防護,但目前大多數廠家為了減少成本,均不做防腐處理。
The pressurized water tank is the main water tank used by mixer manufacturers at present. Most of these water tanks are made of steel because they bear certain pressure. Generally, the cylinder is made of 3 ~ 4mm Q235 steel plate, and the head is made of 4 ~ 5mm Q235 steel plate or 4mm Q235 steel plate. Its interior is easy to rust and needs coating protection, but at present, most manufacturers do not do anti-corrosion treatment in order to reduce costs.
From a technical point of view, I think the main pressure bearing water tank is the main of the current mixer manufacturer, and there are two ways to solve the corrosion problem.
First, considering the process processing and quality control of existing products, such as galvanizing treatment, it is more suitable for automobile manufacturers pursuing low cost, with flexible process and easy product modification. However, electroplating has many disadvantages, strict process requirements, difficult product quality control, especially the corrosion of welding joint is still difficult to deal with, and so on. If the dip coating process is adopted, the cost is higher.
二是從產品的材料上考慮。目前可替代的材料主要有不銹鋼、塑料 含玻璃鋼 和鋁合金等。這幾種材料都能夠完全解決產品的銹蝕問題,但由于每種材料的加工工藝不同,又都存在著各自的優缺點。
Second, consider the material of the product. At present, the replaceable materials mainly include stainless steel, plastic, including FRP and aluminum alloy. These materials can completely solve the corrosion problem of products, but due to the different processing technology of each material, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
鋼制水箱適用于氣壓式供水,制作簡易、維修方便。 年前有企業采用配水泵使用的玻璃鋼水箱,價格較便宜、質量輕,不易生銹。但缺點是易破碎,不易修,且不適宜氣壓式供水。塑料水箱目前多用于客車上的飲用車載水箱和卡車上,其質量輕、環保,強度也較高,開始有向工程車上推廣使用的趨勢。塑料箱體本身的承壓應能滿足要求,但接頭部分的密封要處理好,好配水泵使用。還應做低溫脆性的防護處理,但這樣會增加生產成本。
The steel water tank is suitable for pneumatic water supply, with simple manufacture and convenient maintenance. Years ago, some enterprises used FRP water tanks for water distribution pumps, which were cheap, light and not easy to rust. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to break, difficult to repair, and not suitable for pneumatic water supply. At present, plastic water tanks are mostly used in drinking water tanks on passenger cars and trucks. They are light, environmentally friendly and have high strength. They begin to be popularized to engineering vehicles. The pressure bearing of the plastic box itself shall meet the requirements, but the sealing of the joint part shall be handled well for use with the water pump. Low temperature brittleness protection treatment should also be done, but this will increase the production cost.
How to solve the corrosion problem of steel water tank of automatic feeding mixer truck and what are the advantages and disadvantages of water tanks of different materials?
Aluminum alloy water tank is light, corrosion-resistant, beautiful, and has no problem with pressure, but the cost is too high, and the forming and welding are relatively complex. FRP water tank is easy to break, and the cost of aluminum alloy water tank is too high. Plastic water tank can be popularized. The material is engineering plastic, which is common in the market at present. However, plastic water tanks are generally supplied by water pumps. If they want to bear pressure, whether it is feasible still needs to be tested.
After the FRP water tank is damaged, environmental protection is a big problem. At present, foreign countries restrict the import of FRP products, so FRP water tanks should not become the direction of development regardless of their performance and cost. Plastics can be recycled and developed.
The plastic water tank needs to have good appearance effect and can not be similar to ordinary plastic products such as buckets and plastic basins. It can meet the needs of various mixer colors, and ensure that the color is not easy to fade.
How to solve the corrosion problem of steel water tank of automatic feeding mixer truck and what are the advantages and disadvantages of water tanks of different materials?
If the plastic water tank is used, the ambient temperature shall be considered in the north, and the layout position of the water tank in the whole vehicle shall be paid attention to; Steel water tanks need to pay attention to rust prevention in coastal areas; FRP water tank is brittle, so the layout position and protection of water tank must be considered; Aluminum alloy water tank has light weight, good anti-corrosion effect, strong adaptability, but high cost; Stainless steel water tank has good anti-corrosion effect and high cost.
Plastic and aluminum alloy materials are superior to other materials in lightweight and recyclability. Under the current environment of rising oil prices, increasing transportation costs, reducing consumption and emission reduction and the pressure of market competition, as long as the price of products is controlled within a reasonable range and a one-stop industrial chain of recycling, maintenance and sales is gradually formed, plastics and aluminum alloys can become the main development direction of replacing steel products in the future, As for what kind of materials customers choose and use, it is "different people see different people, different people see different things".


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