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Prodution Category
Services & Consulting

WanDa will make customized machines specialized for your production process. These machines combined the concept of energy-saving, high-efficiency, and precise production during design. By using this machine, the outcome will be more environmental friendly, more competitive and more profitable for you. WanDa machines are equipped with the falling features:

  • Energy saving

With customized machines, several process procedures can be combined together, thus to save energy and working time;


  • High efficiency
  • Multi-function machines, combine several production processes into ONE;
  • Processes go continuously, no need for middle-storage free;
  • Shortened production line, fewer workers needed.



  • Precise production
  • Computer and program controlled operation, to ensure advanced production technology can be realized.


Based on our experience for over 30 years in the friction industry, WanDa is able to offer you a full set of service for “Turn-key Projects”, including:


  • Raw material selection, testing, and recommendation;
  • Raw material performance testing;
  • Original formula, formula research, and formula improve;
  • Assisting equipment selection and recommendation;
  • Semi-finished products, and accessories selection and recommendation.


Testings Testing Subject Testing Standards
Clutch Facing Burst Testing Clutch Facing Rotary Intensity ( Burst)  
Constant Speed friction Testing Friction Material Friction and Wear Properties JIS-D4411,GB5763-98,GB5764-98
CHASE Testing Friction Material Grading and Quality Control SAEJ661,ISO7881
Brake Pads/Shoes Shear Strength Testing Bonding Strength of Brake Disc Friction Material and Metal. ISO6312-81,JISD4422-90,
Brake Pads Compressibility Testing Brake Pads Compressibility, Thermal Expansion Behavior and Heat Conduction Behavior ISO6312-81,TL-VW110-2.5,ISO/TR7882-86,ISO6313-80
Brakes Dragging Torque Testing Passenger Car Disc Brake/Drum Brake Dragging Torque Braking Torque properties JASOC448-80
Pneumatic Disc Brake Dragging Torque Testing Relationship among Pneumatic Disc Brake Assembly Idle Torque, Max. Value, Main Shaft Speed and Disc Side-face Run-out after the First Braking  
General Brake Performance EX-works (Real-time) Testing Passenger Car Disc Brake/Drum Brake Dragging Torque Braking Torque EX-works or Real-time Properties  
Brake Disc Low Pressure Wear Testing Brake Disc Friction Material Wear Resistance Ford Procedure CETP 06.00-L-408
Brake Caliper Comprehensive performance Testing Brake Properties of Low Pressure, High Pressure, Vacuum Sealing, Ultra-high Pressure Bursting, Fluid Quantity Needed, Caliper Deformation Measurement and Dragging Torque, etc JASOC448-80,QC/T592-1999
Motorcycle Wheel Cylinder Performance Testing Motorcycle Brake Master/Wheel Cylinder Performance of High/Low Pressure Sealing, Pressure Withstanding, hose Bursting Pressure, Wheel Cylinder Fluid Quantity Needed, Hydraulic Rigid, Dragging Torque, etc  
Brake Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Brake Caliper Hydraulic Fatigue Properties Simulating Normal Temp, High Pressure Working Conditions JASOC448-80
Hydraulic Disc Brake Drum Brake Tensional Fatigue Testing Hydraulic Disc Brake Drum Brake Tensional Fatigue Property JASOC441-77,QC/T316-1999
Pneumatic Disc Brake Tensional Fatigue Testing Pneumatic Disc Brake Tensional Fatigue Property QC/T316-1999
Pneumatic Disc Brake Tensional Fatigue Testing Pneumatic Disc Brake Tensional Fatigue Property QC/T316-1999
Brake Caliper Piston and Body Sliding Force Tester Brake Caliper Sliding Resistance against Tabular ,Caliper Piston and Hydraulic Brake Pump Piston JASOC448-80,QC/T592-1999
Motorcycle Brake Wheel Cylinder Actuation Performance Testing Motorcycle Brake Wheel Cylinder Actuation Performance of Piston Receive-value, Piston Initiating Force, Piston Sliding Resistance and Tabular Resistance  
Brake Assembly Durability under High/Low. and Vibration Testing Brake Assembly Performance of Working Durability under High/Low Temp, Socking Durability and Vibration Performance JASOC448-80
Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder Vacuum Power Booster Durability Testing Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder Durability under Normal-temp., with or without Vacuum Power Booster JASOC452(6.7),JISD2603
Brake Master Cylinder with Vacuum Power Booster Compressive Performance Testing Compressive Performance of Brake Master Cylinder Assembly, Vacuum Power Booster Assembly and Brake Master Cylinder with Vacuum Power Booster Assembly QC/T311-1999
Motorcycle Brake Cylinder Performance Testing Motorcycle Brake Cylinder Performance of Low-pressure Sealing, Vacuum Retaining Force, Handle Defensive Travel, Piston Defensive Travel, Piston Return Speed and Sliding Resistance  
Motorcycle Brake Master Cylinder Intensity Tester Motorcycle Brake Master Cylinder of Piston Pulling Force, Master and Rearview Mirror Installation Strength, Handle Strength and Handle Installation Strength  
Braking Hose Pressure Withstanding and Fatigue Life Testing Braking Hose Weariness and Fatigue Life Simulating Working Conditions under Normal-temp., High-temp. and High Pressure JASOC448-80
Gasket Compressibility and Resilience Testing Gasket Material and Engine Cylinder Gasket Resilience Performance  
Vehicle Drum Testing Whole Automobile Vehicle Drum Performance GB18352.22001,GB/
Brake Parts High-Frequency Fatigue Testing Brake Parts Hydraulic and Fatigue Properties  
Cam Adjustable Arm Testing Heavy Truck Drum Brake Cam Adjustable Arm Real-time Flexibility ArvinMeritor Standard