Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Seventh Sober Day

Happy hump day my peeps! Today marks my seventh sober day and I feel like Tony the fucking tiger..... GRRRREAT! I can say that I am back to normal, because I don't feel any anxiety, depression, headache or even stomachache or any stomach problems. I really, really, really have to thank my lovely wife, for stopping me from having any stinking thinking on Saturday, when I wanted to have a few cold ones.

On a work note. Today at work, I have to do what I hate the most, which is covering the phone line. But hey, the way that I look at it is, that at least I have a job, which is something that a lot of Americans can't say right now. You see, I know this might sound weird to some people, but I love working for my employer. I really like the people that I work with. In other words, I am happy where I'm at right now.

On another note. I am really looking forward for tomorrow to come, because I have an appointment with my shrink Dr. C. I really enjoy talking to him, it really helps out a lot. After our session, I feel like if a ton of bricks have been lifted off of my mind. I feel like if my brain was reconfigured and rebooted. It's a really good feeling.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y'all!

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